Warranty Information

Warranty Terms and Condition
What is covered by this warranty?
  1. Xeera provides product specific warranty for Xeera branded products and accessories, peripherals given and sold in original packing. Please refer to product specific warranty.
  2. Warranty only covered with valid proof of purchase.
  3. Warranty is applicable on defect in material and manufacturing when product is used under standard operating conditions.
  4. Warranty start from the date of new retail purchase by the customer.
  5. If there is a valid warranty claim, then Xeera or Authorized service center will do below steps,
    • Perform repair on the product which can be repaired or service, with genuine Xeera parts for highest reliability of the product.
    • If the product is non-repairable, then the product will be replaced with same model and specification.
    • If the above two conditions not fulfilled by the service center, then the product will be taken back and refund the paid amount.
    • All warranty request will be governed by term and conditions given in Warranty Documents.




Warranty does not apply to non-branded Xeera Products. Xeera does not warranty for the uninterrupted or error-free operation of products.

  1. Product is not purchased from an authorized seller.
  2. Using products outside of its operating specification. Please refer to the operation manual of specific products.
  3. Damage is cosmetics like the broken body, dents, and scratches on the body which is generated by mishandling of products.
  4. Damage caused by external causes like fire, water, power, voltage or accident.
  5. A defect is caused by improper use of products.
  6. Using an out of specification, non-genuine 3rd party parts inside Xeera products.
  7. Service performed by any of unauthorised service person for repair or upgrade.
  8. Tempering with warranty label and serial numbers.
  9. Warranty does not cover any third party software, settings, content, data or links.
  10. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of product which is generated by normal use. The authorised service center will decide if it is a normal usage or product defect.


Customer Responsibilities
  1. Xeera or Authorised service provider will ask for a bill of purchase for the product.
  2. Customer should provide adequate information about the problem and failure of the product.
  3. Customer should take a backup of any data which are stored on Xeera products which are capable to store data.
  4. Customer should remove all personal information from storage media and decrypt all security password or information for repair.
  5. Under no circumstance the company is liable for loss directly or indirectly for any of the following:
  • Any claims against the loss of data, information, records or damages.
  • Xeera does not provide any storage backup service. It’s customer responsibility to take all backup before handover product to the service center.
  • In case of repair, hard disk contents may be destroyed, formatted. The company shall not be responsible for any data, records or program lost due to repair.


Access warranty service

Customer can access online help documents for basic troubleshooting of problems by themselves.
Xeera will provide online or telephonic support for products which can troubleshoot or repair at user levels.
Products which are not user repairable, they can obtain below warranty process.

  1. Walk into service center – Customer can handover product with a copy of purchase bill to an authorised service center. The local service center will perform repair, and it might be required to send the product to Xeera if problem not resolved. Customer will receive handover slip from service center. Once repair will finish and the product becomes fully functional, the customer will be notified for pickup.
  2. Onsite service – Products which have an onsite warranty, customer can call to a service center or send email to register their complaint. The complaint will be logged and onsite engineer will be deputed with user agreed time.
  3. No repair service – Product which cannot be serviced, Xeera will send a replacement product free of charge and might collect old defective items. Before replacement of the product, Xeera service representative may check product operation remotely with basic troubleshooting.